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    Let us proove to you why we claim this title. Boolean Corporation - Software That Works!!

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Modern UI on Apps

We build not only functioning and bug free apps BUT look good too!!

Faster Applications

We use the latest performance trends like non I/O Blocking programming languages.

Responsive Websites

E-commerce and Enterprise websites that look great on all devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Eswatini's First True AI Partner. A comprehensive approach to Deep Learning

Mobile Apps Dev

Save Time and Save money by choosing cross platform development. We specialize on cross platform technologies like cordova and react.js to avoid having you to worry about mobile OS deployment. One app for Android PlayStore and iOS AppStore

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A tool for Enterprises

We balance between innovative products and enterprise applications. We have centralized enterprise applications like ERPs, CRMs, HRMs, POSs, Accounting Softwares etc that can be created by our flagship Rapid Application Development (RADBool) a tool used to enhance speed and debuggin when designing Enterprise Apps. The tool will be available soon to I.T Departments for internal development

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Available on WhatsApp you can call us for all software related issues.

Our Latest Projects

Here is our latest projects. You'll love them!
Interactive Portal to provide information about local businesses and locals giving feedback to businesses about service rendered
A Comprehensive school management system for universities, schools, colleges etc. This is the most comprehensive product you can get.
This is a system for I.T companies or any Enterprise with an I.T department. It manages every aspects from Projects to Server availability check
An App to showcase all the products provided by Eswatini's Telecoms Corporation, EPTC
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