Mikrotik Individual Hotspot Custom Script

Tired of hiring I.T professionals for even something as simple as generating internet voucher for your customers? We have a simple script to turn your Mikrotik router into a beautiful hotspot management system, where beautiful is the main word. Mikrotik already has a complex hotspot system embedded in it. We take the very best part of this internal capability and add the most human part of any software (a simple interface to manage users and a beautiful landing page).


At E1,500 once-off no license fee (and E500 per resale to official partners), we will design (we commit to finish within 3hrs of purchase) the specific desired landing page (simple HTML that your high school son can edit and add to the family business) and you will download the installation and maintenance manual. Without any delay in business processes. We guarantee that within 24 Hrs. you will have a fully working hotspot system that you will never have to pay for license fees.


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